....And the Critics Weigh in on Them

"The Elkins show why they are perennial favorites....Just the ticket for fans of Margaret Truman or classic Mary Stewart." Library journal

 "Witty, intelligent, and delightful. . . . Aaron Elkins is notable among mystery writers in that he can take a heap of nasty old human bones and turn them into suspense and humor”The Washington Times​

 "The thrills are indeed heady . . . Mr. Elkins and his insouciant hero have their witty fun with the corps d'elite of the international art establishment while providing some pretty amazing information on the forgeries and...art scams that give the experts nightmares." The New York Times Book Review

  "Engaging, funny, and cleverly plotted...Lee Ofsted is an original ....charming." Syracuse Post-Standard

 "These are the kind of novels that give genre fiction a good name."                  Booklist

Between them, this multiple-award-winning writing team has four well-received mystery series (and four standalone thrillers), all going strong.

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"Curses! is a pleasure . . . Sit back and enjoy it while wallowing around in all that deliciously obscure and newly learned information"  - USA Today
ou go around digging in a Mayan tomb, riling all those righteous gods, so what do you expect for your trouble? A curse is what; or more precisely, curses! ...The hero's enthusiastic lectures on human bones make him fascinating company." - The New York Times Book Review

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Their  Series

The Alix London Series, by Charlotte and Aaron Elkins--With good reason, she's called the Art Whisperer, but her unique and dangerous talent is as likely to get her in big trouble as it is to help her solve art crimes.

 The Gideon Oliver Series, by Aaron Elkins--Aaron's Skeleton Detective is the father of the forensic genre, having first appeared in 1982 at the age of 37. Now, more  than thirty years later, he's still finding skeletons in closets. (And he's only 41. How does he do it? Literary magic!)

The Chris Norgren Series, by Aaron Elkins--You'd think a museum curator of Renaissance and Baroque Art would lead a quiet, even dull and danger-free life...but you'd be dead wrong.​ Out there in the art world, it's murder!

 The Lee Ofsted Series, by Charlotte and Aaron Elkins--Young golf pro Lee Ofsted doesn't often find herself in big trouble during tournaments. But off the course....it can be murder.

The The Standalone thrillers, (Loot, Turncoat, The Worst Thing, and A Long Time Coming), by Aaron Elkins. Chases through the capitals of Europe, looted art, festering grievances, and the devils within us--with three different, unique protagonists.

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