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The Chris Norgren Series

A Deceptive Clarity

The first Chris Norgren mystery. Chris, a Renaissance art expert, heads to Berlin to help mount a sensational exhibition: twenty priceless Old Masters looted by the Nazis and only recently recovered by U.S. forces. But the occasion turns chilling when Chris's boss, after smelling a forgery in the lot, turns up dead the very next day outside a Frankfurt brothel. Now Chris faces two near-impossible tasks: finding the fake among the masterpieces and the killer among his associates.

"Chris is an appealing hero with a sense of humor and some very definite opinions on art. The reader gets a smoothly written mystery and an entertaining dose of art history."

- The Tampa Tribune

"An altogether pleasant, literate piece of work."

- The New York Times Book Review

Old Scores

Seattle Museum art curator Chris Norgren achieves the ultimate coup: the donation of a beautiful, previously unknown Rembrandt to his museum. But there are strings attached, and Chris winds up encountering treachery, guile ... and murder. Set in Seattle, Paris, and Dijon. Winner of the 1993 Nero Wolfe Award.

"The thrills are indeed heady . . . Mr. Elkins and his insouciant hero have their witty fun with the corps d'elite of the international art establishment while providing some pretty amazing information on the . . . forgeries and . . . art scams that give the experts nightmares."

- The New York Times Book Review

"A dandy book; amusing, written with zest and style, appealing in nearly every way."
- The Boston Globe

Aaron Elkins' Chris Norgren series, in reverse order.

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A Glancing Light

Mild-mannered Chris, curator of Baroque art, is an unlikely undercover investigator, but when a priceless stolen masterpiece is discovered in a shipment of reproductions, Chris reluctantly agrees to find out how it got there. All too soon, he is up to his ears in a bizarre Italian odyssey into shady art world doings and deadly secrets.

"Elkins has a remarkable gift for teaching you a great deal about esoteric subjects while keeping you scared witless that this nice young man is going to be smashed before your eyes."
- The Houston Post

"Lots of action, lots of painterly lore. . . Elkins thoroughly understands the art of the murder mystery."

- The Philadelphia Inquirer