Charlotte Elkins

When Charlotte Elkins was working as the American Art librarian at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, she took a fling at writing a romance. To her mild surprise, it was accepted by a major publisher. Then, when her grant-funded position at the museum ended, she went on to four more romances under the pen-name Emily Spenser. They were translated and sold in more than twenty countries. But soon she found that collaborating with her husband on mysteries was more fun, and the first Lee Ofsted novel, A Wicked Slice, was the result. The authors were encouraged by the reception from reviewers and fans and went on to collaborate on four more Lee Ofsteds. In between, they put out the occasional short story, one of which,  “Nice Gorilla," won the Agatha Award for best short story of the year in 1992.

Currently, Charlotte is working with Aaron on their new mystery series about "the art whisperer," Alix London, in a venture that takes Charlotte back to her roots in the world of fine art.

About Aaron & Charlotte Elkins

Aaron Elkins

Aaron Elkins is the creator of the modern forensic mystery, having pioneered the genre with Fellowship of Fear, which introduced the Skeleton Detective, Gideon Oliver.  Among his awards are a best-novel Edgar and a Nero Wolfe Award.  He and his wife Charlotte hold a jointly awarded Agatha.  Aaron's books have been translated into a major ABC-TV series and have been selections of the Book-of-the-Month Club, the Literary Guild, and the Readers Digest Condensed Mystery Series. In addition, his work has been published in over a dozen languages.

In addition to his forensic novels, Aaron has a second series featuring art curator-sleuth Chris Norgren, and several stand-alone thrillers. While he gets going on the next Gideon Oliver adventure, had continues to collaborate with Charlotte on their current series.

The Elkinses live on Washington's Olympic Peninsula.   Aaron keeps his hand in the forensic game by serving as the forensic anthropologist for the Olympic Peninsula Cold Case Task Force.